Take Care Of That Annoying Drip by calling Make It Drain, LLC

Get help from a plumbing repair company in Waterbury & Watertown, CT

It's easy to take plumbing for granted until it breaks. If your toilet breaks or your home doesn't have hot water, you don't want to wait around for help. Make It Drain, LLC is a plumbing repair company in Waterbury & Watertown, CT that has the skills to fix all kinds of plumbing issues.

We can repair...

Clogged or broken pipes
Damaged sinks or toilets
Garbage disposals
Water heaters

We offer emergency services if you need your plumbing fixed as soon as possible. Contact us today to have a skilled plumber repair your plumbing fixture.

plumber to repair the toilet waterbury ct

Signs you need repairs

Plumbing damage doesn't always result in an obvious problem. Watch out for signs that your plumbing has issues so you can get your system fixed before small problems lead to expensive repairs.

Hire us to repair your plumbing fixture if you notice...

  • Your toilet is running constantly
  • You have a faucet that won't stop dripping
  • There's a strange odor coming from your drains or garbage disposal

Our licensed plumber can inspect your system and identify the problem. Then, we'll perform the appropriate repairs. Call 203-525-1013 to make an appointment with a plumbing repair company in Waterbury & Watertown, CT.